The Power of Lifting Podcast

Episode #53 - Zac Phillips (Mecca Gym General Manager)

August 09, 2022 Eric Cafferty Episode 53
The Power of Lifting Podcast
Episode #53 - Zac Phillips (Mecca Gym General Manager)
Show Notes

On our 53rd episode of the Power Of Lifting Podcast we are honored to have The Mecca Gym's new General Manager, Zac Phillips! Zac is a born leader, and in his first couple of months at the Mecca Gym, he has already become invaluable to our team and culture. Zac was born and raised in Alabama, and as he entered his adult life, joined the marines. After his service in the military, Zac moved to Texas and took over as a sales manager at a gym there. After setting multiple sales records there he moved up to General Manager and created cultures of success. Zac then moved up to Idaho and became a Mecca Member right after the original location was opened and became a client of Eric’s. Learn about how fitness has influenced and become a major part of Zac's life, and of course all about his incredible BBQ skills. 

Have any questions about the Mecca Gym and what it can offer you? Email Zac at to set up a gym tour. You can also follow him on instagram at @hooks2antlers

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