The Power of Lifting Podcast

Episode #57 - Tylar Bell (COBS)

September 15, 2022 Eric Cafferty Episode 57
The Power of Lifting Podcast
Episode #57 - Tylar Bell (COBS)
Show Notes

*Trigger Warning* This episode of the Power Of Lifting Podcast is a little different then our usual motivational, fitness themed episodes. Our guest today is Tylar Bell who helps run a local Idaho Anti-Human Trafficking non-profit organziaion called Community Outreach Behaviour Services or COBS for short. This amazing organization works with many different law enforcement angencies and other support organizations to help recover, house, and heal victims of sex trafficking. We are grateful to have had the chance to have Tylar on the podcast and learn from him about the sobering reality of sex trafficking and what we can do in our own circle of influence to help prevent trafficking from happening, and helping people who are in need of rescue. 

Follow COBS on instragam @idahocobs and for more information on their organization and mission please visit

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