The Power of Lifting Podcast

Episode #58 - Travis Harwood (Sales)

September 29, 2022 Eric Cafferty Episode 58
The Power of Lifting Podcast
Episode #58 - Travis Harwood (Sales)
Show Notes

We are honored to have a long-time client of Eric’s and Sales Expert, Travis Harwood on the Power Of Lifting Podast. First and foremost Travis is a strong powerlifter and has had great success, especially in the bench press, with an astrounding over 400 lbs. press! However Travis’ main love and passion is in Sales. Listen in as Travis shares his story on finding door to door sales and excelling enough to start multiple sales businesses of his own. We also dive into his newst venture, Nose Slap. Which combines his love for powerlifting and selling. Nose Slap is a strongly scented concoction meant to help highten your scences and get your blood pumping when you are feeling tired and/or warn out. 

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