The Power of Lifting Podcast

Episode #25 - Stephanie Carpenter

August 24, 2021 Eric Cafferty Episode 25
The Power of Lifting Podcast
Episode #25 - Stephanie Carpenter
Show Notes

We are excited to share our great conversation with a very power woman and great friend, Stephanie Carpenter. Many people many know Steph as the @deadliftgrandma on instragram, and we learn just how legit that name really is. Stephanie started powerlifting at an older age than most but has built herself into a champion and holder of many records. She also works as a school psycologist and is always quick to share with others how much fitness has changed her life for the better. This episode is packed with amazing life lessons, so press that play button and enjoy!

Warning; Due to unfortunate technical malfunctions, the sound quality will change about a quarter into the epiosde. We apologize for the inconvienvce but you may need to up your volume a bit to hear the rest of the episode. Thank you!

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