The Power of Lifting Podcast

Episode #45 - Recap #3

January 19, 2022 Eric Cafferty Episode 45
The Power of Lifting Podcast
Episode #45 - Recap #3
Show Notes

Well… we have offically made it to episode #45 of the Power Of Lifting Podcast, and that means another recap! Due to unforseen circumstances we were unable to get together and record a recap episode, BUT of course we have some amazing clips from our last 15 episodes for y’all to check out! 

Also, as you hopefully know by now the Mecca Gym is moving locations and we are in full swing making that move happen. Along with the Gym moving our podcast studio is moving as well and getting some upgrades! Due to this, we will be taking a short break from recording new episodes for the time being. Thank you all for your incredible support of this podcast and its mission to share incredible stories. Stay up to date on our move by following the podcast @thepowerofliftingpodcast. 

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